What is being built?

Velocity has a range of kit aircraft, from the Standard Edition (SE) that can run with between a 160hp - 210hp engine to the Extra Large (XL) with a roomier cabin that is quicker and needs a 260hp – 310hp engine, right up to the twin, which is even faster with 180hp – 200hp engines.

However, because of the minimum airspeed required by the LAA, the only one that is likely to make the minimum airspeed is the SE, which, because it is smaller than the XL or twin, is much lighter and can run with the smaller engine, which makes it more economical to fly.  For these reasons, and also to minimise fuel costs, which are much higher in the UK than the US, only the SE will be sold in the UK.

As the LAA are still yet to approve the Velocity for the UK, the simplest design is being built so that there are the least complications.  For that reason, the Fixed Gear (FG) version using the single joy-stick in the centre console is being used rather than the Retractable Gear (RG) and twin side-sticks, which will be considered in the future.