Where is it being built?

The Velocity SE kit aircraft requires an estimated 2000 man-hours to build, and could be built by anyone who has the time and ability to do this.  All the build manuals are online with Velocity Aircraft in Sebastian, Florida, who also provide support and transition training.

However, the first Velocity kit aircraft will be built by the final year engineering students at Belfast Metropolitan College because Northern Ireland has been far more open to the concept of Hangar Homes, the company of which will own the Velocity aircraft when built, and once approved by the LAA, will become the exclusive agent for Velocity Aircraft in the UK and Ireland, both north and south.

It is hoped that later the Velocity kit aircraft will also be built by the final year engineering students at CEMAST College on Solent (Daedalus) Airport if they allow the live/work hangars to be built there, where both Hangar Homes Ltd and Velocity UK will then be based.

Of course, the Velocity kit aircraft could be built in conjunction with any technical college around the UK whose engineering students are looking for a final year project, subject to approval by the LAA.